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10 Steps to Better Portraits eBook

I‘ve gotten a little lax on blogging lately but that’s only because I’ve been so busy shooting.  A few weekends ago I shot a “puppy shower” for some friends who just got a new puppy.  There were lots of dogs, games and even a dog cake made by my wife.  It was a lot of fun.

Later that day we traveled an hour north to Corvallis to attend Indonesian Night which is an event put on by student groups from the local colleges (UO/OSU) to explore the Indonesian culture through food, music and performance.  Of course I had to take my camera and capture some moments.

Finally this past weekend I had the honor to assist my good friend Renee Deese of Renascent Photography shooting a wedding for our friends Kyle and Lizzy Cunningham.  It was an incredible day at a beautiful location called Deep Woods.

I’ll be sharing lots of images from all of these shoots in future posts but today I wanted to quickly mention a new Craft & Vision eBook that was just released entitled “Forget Mugshots 10 Steps to Better Portraits” written by David duChemin.

10 Steps to Better Portraits

I don’t know about you but I really struggle with making portraits so any help I can get to improve my techniques is greatly appreciated.  This book is 35 pages of insightful advice from the master himself to help you make better portraits.  Right off the bat the author makes an important distinction that I think can really change the way you view people photography.  He says:

“a snapshot is a photograph of something, but a portrait is a photograph about something.”

When we make portraits we’re not so much capturing a moment but rather we’re revealing aspects of the subject that truly speak to who they are as a person.

This is not a book about how to pose people or lighting techniques.  These are 10 factors that when combined will take your portrait photography to a higher level.  Along with each of the 10 factors are creative exercises to help you think more about the concept and apply it to your own photography.  But beyond all the tips and advice and practical exercises is the unfailing truth that portraits are a way to connect with another person.  While the technical aspects can help make better images, without the human connection something will always be missing.  I definitely plan on keeping these 10 ideas in the back of my mind on my next portrait shoot.

I have no doubt that the information in this eBook will help you make better portraits.  You can pick it up now for only $4 using code MUGSHOTS4 on checkout.  This code is good until March 17th.  Have a portrait tip? Share it below in the comments!

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