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Accident – Project 365: Day 276-278

Accident SceneWith the holidays I’ve fallen a bit behind with posting Project 365.  So here are a few days to get caught back up.  First up is an accident scene I came across several days ago.  It was our first evening of winter weather with colder temperatures and rain.  My son and I came across this 3 car pileup and although I wasn’t able to capture the actual accident I did capture the police lights which I thought made an interesting shot through the rain speckled windshield of my car.  I’ve seen quite a few accidents lately and I have to say that most if not all are due to inpatient drivers.  Slow down!!  The life you save may just be your own.

First SnowWe had our first snow of the season.  It wasn’t much but enough to shut down schools and make the roads into an ice rink.  Generally it takes me about 15 minutes to drive to work but on this day it took me 45 minutes.  Even with 4-wheel drive it was very slippery.  There were lots of accidents as it seemed people had no idea how to drive on icy roads.  People with their big 4X4 SUV’s seemed to think that just because they had a big 4X4 they could speed around.  I guess they didn’t realize that they brake just like any other vehicle.  I love the snow.  I brightens up the day and puts a positive cheerful spin on the day.  I’ve always wanted to live somewhere that had snow in the winter.

Braided BreadMy wife cooked up this braided bread that was stuffed with chocolate.  First she makes the dough and then lays it out and puts dabs of chocolate on the dough.  Then she folds it over and braids it.  Pop it in the oven and a bit later you’ve got this delicious braided chocolate treat.

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