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Andes: The Print and The Process Series – REVIEW

Andes: The Print & The Process Series by Andrew Gibson

I‘m a big fan of the Craft & Vision series of photography e-books.  I have faithfully purchased each and every one of them as they get released and I think they are packed with great information and techniques and a fantastic value at only $5.  So I’m always excited to see a new book get released.

Today the Craft & Vision book entitled Andes: The Print and the Process Series by Andrew S Gibson was released and I have to admit I love it for the photos.  I’ll be the first to admit that my subscription to National Geographic is mainly to enjoy the photos and if I happen across an article that intrigues me I’ll actually read it.  But most of the time I am staring intently at the incredible images and dissecting them inch by inch.

With Andes the book starts with the photos – full page photos.  No words, no subtitles; just big beautiful photos.  It’s photos of the people, the culture, the landscape and each depict a story and emotion.  After the photos the author spends a great deal of time talking about the process and the journey of how the images were captured.  It was interesting to read about his adventures.  He tells a story about witnessing and experiencing a bullfight and watching in amazement as a particularly aggressive bull jumped over the wall and into the spectators.

Many of the images were shot on film with one body and two lenses – a 24mm and a 50mm prime lens.  It’s interesting to note that while many of us would see this as a limitation the author/photographer saw it as a blessing because it allowed the images to show the context.  How many times have we been shooting with a big zoom and captured great images but missed showing the context?  He talks quite a bit about using his gear to create these images and the advantages of limited equipment.

I was intrigued to read about his adventures and thoughts on the different countries he traveled to throughout South America such as Argentina, Bolivia and Peru.  He speaks briefly about considerations for travel there such as health and the effects of altitude.

Finally he speaks to each image in the book with camera settings used, the location and a bit of information about the context of the image.  It’s fascinating to learn a bit more about the Andes not only through the images but the descriptions as well.

Like most of the Craft & Vision series e-books I really enjoyed this book.  I thought it was well written and provided not only technical information but a human touch as well.

Andes: The Print & The Process Series by Andrew Gibson

If you want to pick u your own copy of this book Andes: The Print and the Process Series you can get it now until August 6th for only $4 by using the code ANDES4 on checkout.  After that the cost is $5.

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