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Another Brick in the Wall – Project 365: Day 219

Another Brick in the WallHere I am falling behind on posting Project 365.  Only 146 more days to go.  So my 219th photo is of a brick chimney at our house.  I shot this late evening with a high ISO (6400) and I’m really impressed with what the Canon 5DII can do.  The image straight out of the camera was really nice but I did do some noise reduction using Topaz Labs deNoise but I didn’t have to do much.

This photo reminds me of the classic Pink Floyd song “Another Brick in the Wall”.  I like to envision the “wall” as the world and each person on this planet no matter where you come from, what color your skin may be, what religion you may practice, what sex you may be, whatever your walk of life…is a brick in that wall, the world.  What would happen to a wall without it’s bricks or with a few bricks missing.  It’s structural integrity is compromised and it will soon crumble and fall.

Sometimes I feel that we live in a world where the wall is falling because we are missing bricks.  It’s the leaders of the world that are the brick layers, whose job it is to repair and rebuild the wall and it simply seems like they are failing.  Therefore it is up to each one of us to get plugged in and grab a brick and rebuild the world brick by brick, person by person.

We may all be just another brick in the wall, but without the bricks the wall will fall.

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