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Aufderheide Memorial Drive: Project 365 – Day 243

On Wednesday I took the day off from my desk job and headed out with my Dad to check out the Fall colors along the Aufderheide Memorial Drive.  While the colors were there they were not as bright and vivid as years past and in fact it seemed like many of the trees were going straight from a dull yellow to brown.  There were not many reds or oranges at all.  This may be due to not having any real cold periods of weather.  It’s been a very mild Fall so far.

North Fork Willamette River along the Aufderheide Memorial DriveBut despite that we still enjoyed the incredible views and came back with some great shots.  I took this one along the banks of the North Fork of the Willamette River.  We hiked a bit down the trail starting at Constitution Grove and worked our way down to the river.  It was already getting a bit late in the day and the sun was very low and not casting much light.

This is a 15 second exposure using a Canon 5D Mark II and a Canon 17-40 f/4L lens at 30mm.  My ISO speed was 50.  The 15 second exposure made the water silky smooth but it also didn’t add any sharpness to the leaves across the way.  It’s also a tough exposure to capture because you have such a wide dynamic range with the shadows of the river and bank and then the brightness of the leaves.

I still have many more photos to process when I can find the time but you can find what I have done so far on my Flickr site.

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