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Bathtub Diver – Project 365: Day 145

Bathtub DiverMy son really wanted to take swimming lessons but he’s always been afraid to get his head under water.  That was until he got this snorkeling kit.  He wanted to try it out right away but I reminded him that we didn’t have a pool.  “We have a bathtub” he said.  So he spent the next hour submerged in the tub exploring the bottom, not once coming up for air.

As I saw my son swimming around in the bathtub I thought about all the things we end up not doing because we “don’t have a pool.”  What I mean by this is that we set limitations on ourselves.  How do we do this?  We do it by believing that we can’t do certain things in life for any number of reasons; we’re not smart enough; we don’t have the money; we don’t have the right camera equipment etc.  The list is endless and you probably have a whole list of your own.  We’re all full of reasons and excuses why we haven’t done the things we have wanted to do.

What  if when I told my son that we didn’t have a pool he left it at that and believed there were no other options?  He wouldn’t have had the enjoyment of testing his new diving equipment in the bathtub.  What if every time we wanted to do something and option A doesn’t work out we just walk away and quit?  We’d end up stuck in the same rut time and time again.  Sometimes we need to create our own options to advance and grow.

Next time you think there are no options remember that even though you might not have a pool, you probably have a bathtub.

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