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Cheesy Bread – Project 365: Day 160

Cheesy BreadI’m playing a little catch-up here with Project 365 so while I took this photo yesterday I’m just posting it today.

So after our pizza the other day we had some dough left over.  So my wife baked up some fresh cheese bread.  It’s really good stuff.  Light and fluffy with a nice flavor of cheese but not so overpowering that the cheese takes over.  It would be perfect with some spaghetti and marinara sauce.

A little about this photo and what I was going for.  I thought that the yellow background would play well with the light color of the bread.  It also made the black lines of the rack more dramatic which I really like.  I placed both the bread and the rack at an angle to the camera as I thought this perspective was more interesting.

So who is ready to order some cheese bread?

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