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Cherries – Project 365: Day 136

Fresh CherriesTook a drive today out to a local farm to do some cherry picking.  Unfortunately we got a late start and arrived with only an hour to pick.  We didn’t think that would be enough time so we just bought a flat of cherries (along with some fresh picked raspberries).

Summer has to be the best time of the year.  I mean Fall is nice with the changing colors of the leaves and all.  And Spring has it’s showers and flowers.  Winter is great if you like snow.  But summer is the time when the sun rides high and long to ripen the incredible local produce.  At no other time of the year can you find such a variety of fruits and vegetables.  We’ve enjoyed strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, fresh leafy vegetables like kale, rainbow chard, lettuce and spinach and hundreds of other delicious things.  One only has to drive out to any of the local farms and take your pick.

Tell me about some of your favorite summer-time produce?

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