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Chicken Satay – Project 365: Day 98

Chicken SatayChicken skewered and grilled to perfection served with a peanut and sweet soy sauce.  It’s what was for dinner tonight.

There is no setup shot tonight because this one was shot entirely with natural light.  I simply placed the plate of food near a window and used a 46″ silver reflector to bounce more light back onto the plate.  No flashes, no light setup just simple natural sunlight.

I used a Canon 5DII and a Canon 70-200 f/4 lens set at 200mm and an aperture of f/8.  I set the camera on aperture priority which simply means I set the aperture to what I want and the camera sets an appropriate shutter speed based on what it sees as the correct exposure.  In this case it set it to 1/5 second which meant I needed to use a tripod.  In order to minimize camera shake I also used a wireless remote trigger.

If you have any questions about this shot or setup I’d be happy to answer them.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

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