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Chinese Fan – Project 365: Day 103

Chinese FanIt was another night of wandering around the house looking for something to shoot.  I’m quickly running out of things that on the surface seem interesting to photograph.  All the obvious items I’ve already shot at one time or another.  I suppose it’s time to branch out a bit. 

Maybe being a photographer means taking the ordinary and looking at it from a different or unique perspective.  Manipulating light to bring out the texture of something or create interesting contrast.  I’ve been trying to learn more lighting techniques and experimenting with different light sources and positions.  It’s been fun to see the different effects that just a slight change in light can have on a subject.

Tonight I took a Chinese fan and decided to see how I could make it look interesting.  I took a few shots of the entire fan but they just didn’t look interesting.  So I moved in closer and started to isolate different parts of the fan.  I took photos of the material and the lettering.  I took photos of the handle.  I adjusted the light to a low angle to add shadow and contrast to each ridge of the fan.  I spent an hour just experimenting and see what kinds of images I could come up with.

Chinese Fan

For me this is the best way to learn.  You get to see first-hand what works and what doesn’t.  You can read all you want from photography books, and there are many out there that are really excellent.  But if you don’t apply what you learn from reading, if you don’t experiment and expand on the knowledge it doesn’t do you a bit of good.

As I work more on developing my photography skills I want to push myself to new levels.  I want to be the best that I can be and learn something new every day.  As I expand my base of knowledge I want to share that with you.  As time goes on I will be writing about different techniques that I learn and showcase photographic examples of each new thing I learn.  Together we can become better photographers and really create some inspiring images.

What are some things that you are curious about when it comes to photography?  Leave a comment and let me know and we can figure it out together.

Note: The second photo is the exact same fan as in the first photo (just the opposite side) except that I did a bit of post-processing to add in the more “rugged” look.  I’ll be writing more about the Topaz Labs plug-ins I use to create images like this in later posts.

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