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Christmas Light Abstract – Project 365: Day 289

Christmas Light AbstractI recently got the outside Christmas lights put up.  It’s always an ordeal because no matter how nice and neat you put away the lights the year before they always come out of the box in a snarled mess.  After unraveling all the strands of lights and marching up on the roof I completed the task without falling off the roof and killing myself.

By the way my boss says that there are quite a few people who get killed falling off the roof while putting up Christmas lights.  Anyway, as it grew dark we turned the lights on and enjoyed the fruit of my labor.  I decided that I would take a photo of the lights but as I was preparing to go outside to take the shot I noticed that the lights outside were shining through the glass pane in our door.  Because the glass is textured it created this unique pattern.  I though that it made a better and more interesting photo than the standard Christmas light photos we always see.

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