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Colorful Juice Bottles – Project 365: Day 131

Colorful Juice BottlesWe had some friends over tonight for dinner and to play around with learning some photography and Photoshop.  We had these colorful bottles of juice that was just crying out to be photographed.  I just love the color of these glass bottles of juice.

We started out setting up the lighting which consisted of a Canon 580EXII in a shoot through umbrella which we positioned camera left.  We also had a Canon 430EXII in a Lumiquest Softbox III positioned camera right.  The 580 we set at 1/8th power and the 430 was set at 1/64th.  This flash was mainly to help with fill.

To get the seamless background we used a sheet of white card stock and looped it up in the back.  For this shot my camera settings were f/2.8 @ 75mm, a shutter speed of 1/125th sec. and an ISO of 100.

I love taking common items from around the house and making interesting compositions from them; something that make you stop and look at things in a whole new way.

What things around the house can you photograph and turn into an interesting composition?

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