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Craft & Vision 50% Off Sale

Craft & Vision 50% Off Sale

I’m definitely not one of those people that braves Black Friday or stands outside a Best Buy 9 days before a big sale.  I certainly don’t advocate buying what you can’t afford.  I prefer to do my shopping from the comfort of my computer with a good football game on the TV.  Let’s face it, we’re all looking for that deal of a lifetime, the freebie, that amazing sale you’ll be talking about for the rest of your life.  With all the great free content on the Internet these days it’s hard to compete unless you have a really good product.

Well Craft & Vision photography eBooks are a great product at a great price.  I love these books and have learned so much from them over the years.  When a new eBook comes out I snap it up and start reading before the virtual ink is even dry.  So the kind folks at Craft & Vision are throwing their own Black Friday special with 50% off a great selection of bundles and collections.  Here is what they lined up:

Use Code XMASCARD for 50% off


Craft & Vision Gift Card – $40 – Use code XMASCARD to get 50% off!



Use code XMASALL for 50% off

The Entire Collection! This is every eBook Craft & Vision has put out.  Bundle price is $132 but use code XMASALL to get 50% off.  If you’re doing the math that’s $66.

Use code XMASTEN for 50% off


Ten and Ten More – These two books offer up creative ideas to improve your photography.  Bundle price is $8 but use code XMASTEN for 50% off, so $4 is your total.


Use code XMASEYE for 50% off


The Inspired Eye I, II, & III – great series on how we think and create.  What do we look for in our images?  What’s your inspiration?  The bundle price is $12 but use code XMASEYE for 50% off.  Your cost is $6.


Use code XMASCHASE for 50% off


Chasing the Look & Drawing the Eye – Bundle price is $8 but use code XMASCHASE for 50% off.  You pay $4.



Use code XMASLIGHT for 50% off

Making Light I & II – If you ever wanted to learn off-camera flash this is the bundle for you.  I learned so many easy to implement and understand techniques from these two books.  They are really good!  The bundle price is $8 but use code XMASLIGHT for 50% off so you only pay $4 for these useful eBooks.  You can read my reviews here and here.


Use code XMASBW for 50% off

All Black & White – This bundle is great if you really want to learn more about making black & white imagery.  What makes a great B&W image? How do you convert to B&W?  Filled with step-by-step instructions and screen shots you’ll become a black & white visionary.  Like most Craft & Vision books these are well done and packed with information.  The bundle price is $16 but use code XMASBW to get 50% off so only $8 for all 4 books.

Use code XMASPROCESS for 50% off

The Print & The Process Collection – I love this series because you get to not only look at incredible photos from around the world, but you also get to read about the making of the image.  What was the photographer going for and how did they get there?  It’s an interesting discussion of each and every beautiful image.  The bundle price is $28 but use code XMASPROCESS for 50% off.  Your price is $14 for 7 books.

I’ve never been disappointed with any Craft & Vision eBook and I think they are an incredible bargain.  Being able to pick these up for 50% off is just icing on a Black Friday cake.  Unfortunately even heaven sent deals like this must end and this one will conclude tonight November 25th at 11:59PM PST.  So if you’ve ever been interested in any of these bundles now is the time to pick them up.

Also, I am an affiliate for Craft & Vision (I really like these books and own every single one of them) so if you do purchase through the above links I will make a small commission on each sale.  This helps me to keep shooting and making great photos and is always appreciated.

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