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Cream Puffs – Project 365: Day 197

Puff PastryMy wife is always baking stuff.  I love it for a number of reasons.  First we all get to sample what she makes so we eat really well around here.  Secondly I love that she is always testing her skills, pushing herself to the next level.

I think that is really important.  When we get complacent about where we are in life we tend to get depressed and that just snowballs into a mindset that we’re stuck in our current situation when nothing could be further from the truth.

This world offers a wealth of incredible opportunities.  But these opportunities don’t come looking for you.  You have to take the initiative to go looking for them.  Just like my wife does with her cooking and baking we all need to be constantly looking for new life recipes and tweaking them to taste.

Have you experimented with a new life recipe lately?

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