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Cupcake Pan – Project 365: Day 151

Cupcake PanToday I picked up some large sheets of card stock in various colors.  I wanted to experiment with different colors and how they can enhance an image.  I used an old cupcake pan and an orange background for this shot and I like how the starkness of the bright orange plays against the cool gray of the pan.

Often using a simple 99 cent sheet of colored paper can really enhance an image.  Here something as plain and ordinary as a baking pan looks different and unique when surrounded by different shades of orange.

Not to get too philosophical but often that is exactly what we as individuals need as well.  When we get feeling all cold and gray we can surround ourselves with a little color and change our perspective.  It can spark within us a new outlook on life.  It can cause us to stand out a bit more and be noticed and that may lead to new and exciting opportunities.

OK, so maybe I am making more of this simple pan than I should but you have to admit that putting this same pan on a plain white sheet of paper would not have the same effect as this bright orange does.

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