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Project 365: Day 86 – Korean Melon

Korean MelonIf you saw yesterdays post you know that we were up in Washington over the weekend.  On our way back through Portland we stopped at Fubonn, the largest Asian shopping center in Oregon.  It’s almost like traveling to another country with the large selection of imported goods.

We saw these fresh Korean melons.  Korean melons are small, about the size of a papaya and the flesh is white.  The taste is similar to a cantaloupe but with a firmer texture.  Overall they are quite tasty.

While we were at Fubonn we ate at Sokongdong Tofu & BBQ.  Excellent food!  I had a grilled mackerel plate that was oh so tasty.  It was cooked perfectly, light and flaky and with that grilled taste.  I also enjoyed the kimchi.  My wife had Seafood Soon Tofu which is a hot and spicy soup.  If you do the BBQ you sit at a table with a grill and cook your own food which consists of a variety of different meats.  Great atmosphere and friendly staff.  An enjoyable experience despite two tired kids.

Back to the Korean melon.  Some tips for picking the perfect melon.  First smell it.  Sure you may look like a tool in the store but at least you’ll get a decent melon.  If it smells fragrant then it most likely will taste good too.  Second, heavier melons will typically have better flavor.  So break out the scale and get the heaviest and best smelling melon you can find.

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