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Dodge & Burn – Leading the Eye – REVIEW

Dodge & Burn – Leading the Eye with Lightroom & Photoshop by Piet Van Den Eynde

When I think of dodging and burning I think back to the days of film and the hours spent in the high school and community college darkroom creating black & white images and bathing them in chemical baths.

It’s probably not common for most people to think about dodging and burning when it comes to the digital image and yet they are both incredibly powerful techniques for enhancing and drawing attention to various aspects of your images.

There is the photo we see out of the camera and the photo that was originally in our mind when we envisioned the shot and pressed down on the shutter button.

Getting from point A to point B often requires post processing and that is where the techniques in the Craft & Vision eBook entitled Dodge & Burn – Leading the Eye with Lightroom & Photoshop by Piet Van Den Eynde comes in and helps us reach that goal.

This book is more of a comprehensive manual on refining and enhancing the tonal relationships between the various elements of your digital image.  The complete package includes the book as well as Piet’s Easy Dodge Panel, a custom panel and action set for Photoshop CS5/CS6.

When it comes to post processing my images I am often like a duck out of water.  I can see my vision in my minds eye but getting there can be an exercise in frustration.  I know the message I want to present but how do I get there?

So recently I’ve been reading books and watching videos to learn more techniques and build a good foundation and understanding.  This book was definitely what I was looking for and I highly recommend it.

Dodge & Burn – Leading the Eye with Lightroom & Photoshop by Piet Van Den Eynde

The book starts out with the technical details of what dodging and burning are.  Dodging is the lightening and burning is the darkening of parts of the image.  Why might we want to do this?

We do this so we can highlight parts of our image we want to draw the eye to in order to make the overall image more visually compelling.

Piet goes into describing an efficient dodging and burning workflow.  But more than that he actually shows you his entire workflow from step 1 to completion describing both the technical tools he uses but also the thought process behind the decision he makes.

He then applies this to Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop and details additional plugins that he uses such as Nik Viveza and Silver Efex Pro (a 15% discount code on Nik products is included in the purchase of this book.)

There are 6 cases Piet walks you through step by step, showing you the techniques in detail.  The package comes with the same files so you can work along with the examples in the book.

You will learn how to use the Highlights and Shadows slider in Lightroom, the HSL/Color/B&W Panel, vignetting and the graduated filter and local adjustment brushes.  You’ll also see how to use the Nik plugins as well as various non-destructive techniques in Photoshop.

Dodge & Burn – Leading the Eye with Lightroom & Photoshop by Piet Van Den Eynde

I really like this book and plan on using many of the techniques I learned in my own image processing workflow.  It’s an incredible book and resource and when coupled with the Easy Dodge Panel for Photoshop it’s also an incredible value at only $10.  If you decide this is a resource that will aid your learning and growing as a photographer then use code DODGE8 and pick up the entire package for only $8.  But hurry, that deal only lasts until July 22nd.

DISCLAIMER: I am an affiliate for Craft & Vision and do receive a percentage of each sale made through the links above. It doesn’t cost you anything and it helps keep this site going and furthers my photography. I only recommend products that I have or would purchase myself, or that I think are incredible deals and would be of interest to other photographers. Of course only purchase things that you really feel are a good fit for you.

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