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Electronic Gadgets – Project 365: Days 191/192


Project 365: Day 191

For the past month my wife’s laptop has been running at the speed of Bill Slowsky and while it accomplished what she needed it to do it reached a point where 5-10 minutes to load Facebook was too much to bear.

After looking it over and trying things like defragmenting the hard drive, scanning for spyware and malware I came to the conclusion that the hard drive was failing.  I could have gotten a new hard drive and got it running again but the truth is the laptop was more than 5 years old and just wasn’t up to the task any longer.

So we started the great laptop hunt of 2010.  With school starting up again soon there were plenty of sales going on.  We checked out Best Buy, Staples, Office Max and Office Depot.  We finally decided on this Lenovo from Office Depot.  With a dual core processor and 4Gb of RAM there is really no comparison with the old laptop.  It’s like trading in a Yugo for a Ferrari.

My wife is happy because she gets a new fast laptop and I’m happy because I don’t have to listen to how slow the computer is

Apple earphones

Project 365: Day 192

For Day 192 I shot my Apple earphones.  Here in Oregon the law now states that to use a cellphone while driving one must utilize a hands free device.  I can’t stand the things people ride on their ears.  Makes me think they are waiting to be beamed up to the Enterprise.  So I much prefer these ear phones.  Sure it’s not as sophisticated but I can listen to music in stereo, watch Netflix movies now and use the phone when calls come in.  For me it works perfectly and I don’t have to break the law while driving.

I shot both of these photos with my Canon S90 P&S camera.  I used the macro setting so I was able to get in close and still maintain sharp focus.  I like how they came out.

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