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Extreme Motorcycles – Project 365: Day 183

Extreme MotorcyclesI’m a few days behind in posting my daily photo for Project 365 so this one was taken a few days ago at the Lane County Fair.  I spent the day at the Fair with my family checking out all the exhibits, watching the kids enjoy the exorbitantly priced and extremely short carnival rides.  But they enjoyed it so it made going into debt worth every smile.

I think the thing they enjoyed the most was the animals.  They got to pet some sheep and goats.  There were rabbits of all sizes and colors and hair length.  There were cages of birds and a hundred different varieties of chickens.  We watched some pig races and some high flying Frisbee catching dogs.

Finally after walking around all day we sat down to enjoy some artery clogging food and were about half way through our cardiac inducing meal when we heard the motorcycles revving up.  It was time for the extreme motorcycles.

We stuffed the final bits of BBQ chicken and corn-dogs into our mouths and washed it down with a sugary soda and rushed over to the area they had set up for these high flying motorized acrobats.  There was already a crowd of people standing around so it was tough to get in close.  I also didn’t have the most appropriate lens for the event opting for my Tamron 28-75 f/2.8 over the Canon 70-200 f/4L.  This was more due to me not wanting to schlep around a heavy lens all day long.  My saving grace however was the fact that the Canon 5DII has such incredible resolution that it’s no problem to crop the image down.  I shot this one at 70mm.

These guys were amazing launching their bikes out over a motor home and landing on a ramp on the other side.  I was on the landing side so I aimed a bit above the ramp and waiting until I heard the throttle on the bike crank up and then suddenly they would be flying through the air, sometimes rotating the entire bike in a flip.  How they do this is beyond me but it sure is spectacular.  This is one of my favorite shots of the day.

You can check out the rest of the shots from our day at the Lane County Fair on my Flickr site.

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