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Extreme Perspectives – Review

Extreme Perspectives - Review

This is my review of Extreme Perspectives – An Introduction to Mountain Photography by Alexandre Buisse and published via the Craft & Vision series.  The Craft & Vision photography book series have always been really well done and for $5 you can’t really go wrong.

I didn’t know if I would enjoy this book as I’m not into mountain climbing but I figured there would be some aspects of the discussion that would cross over into other genres of photography.  The book starts out talking a bit about adventure photography, the challenges and considerations for the gear used as well as different techniques the author uses to capture his compelling images.  I really wish the author had gone into more details about specific equipment and more on how to use and protect it in harsh environments.

The second part of the book delves into ‘vision’; you know, the stuff great images are made of.  The author tries to get us thinking about how to tell a story, how to draw the viewer into the image using different techniques.  This was a pretty short section and I wish the author had expanded on it a bit more.

The rest of the book are all image studies with the author discussing several of his images and how he captured them and why he thinks they work so well.  It’s interesting to read the authors critiques of his own images.

The photos in this book are definitely spectacular and highlight some incredibly beautiful mountains scenes and climbing situations.  Overall I enjoyed this book if only to appreciate the imagery and the amount of effort that goes into capturing them.

You can purchase this e-book and other Craft & Vision books on the Craft & Vision website.  If you purchase before May 15th you can get the e-book for $4 using the promotional code EXTREME4 at checkout.

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