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Father’s Day Crepes – Project 365: Day 121

Crepes with fruitFirst I want to say Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there.  I know for myself, being a father is one of the greatest joys of my life.  This morning my boys woke me up to let me know that my wife had made some special crepes for breakfast.

We all sat down together and ate a wonderful breakfast with crepes formed into bowls and filled with strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream.  The boys enjoyed putting their own chocolate sprinkles on.

When I think of my own father I think of all the outdoor activities we did as a family growing up.  We spent plenty of time hiking and camping and exploring.  I remember going to cut wood with my dad and he would let me ride on the hood of the truck on the gravel back roads.  Cutting wood was hard work but just spending time with my dad made it seem easy.  We drive across the Country in an old VW van one summer and had the engine catch on fire as we pulled into a service station.  There are other countless memories of good times we had growing up.

With my own kids I try and mimic how my dad raised me.  I think with as crazy as the world is today we more than ever need strong father’s to step up and spend quality time with their kids.  We can’t rely on the school system to teach our kids everything they need to know in life to create their own success.  We need to teach our kids not only from our own successes but from our own failures as well.  I teach my boys that the most important things in life are family and doing something that you feel good about, something that makes a difference in the world.

I really hope that one day when my kids are celebrating their own special day as a father that they can look back fondly on the time we were able to spend together and reminisce about the special moments we shared.

Shot Notes: I took this photo with a Canon 5DII and a Tamron 28-75 f/2.8.  I used a single flash in an umbrella which was places slightly behind and camera left.

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