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Food – Project 365: Days 284-286

DonutsA few food shots from a few days ago.  First up are some home made donuts with a chocolate and fresh caramel topping.  These are baked donuts and not the traditional fried.  Still very good.

SoupThen we have some coconut based curry soup with fried salty fish.  If you are a little low on your sodium intake just eat some of this fish.  Sometimes a bit too salty for me.

Sweet & Soup ChickenFinally I went out to lunch the other day at work to a place near the University of Oregon campus called Maple Garden.  I ended up with this sweet and sour chicken dish.  It was pretty good.  This place is very popular with the campus crowd and if you don’t get there before noon on any given day you’ll find yourself waiting.  Thankfully they are quite skilled in the kitchen and the food comes out quickly.

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