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Get To Know Your Camera – A Weekly Series

I’m in the process of writing a weekly series called “Get to Know Your Camera” which will be coming very soon.  If you are anything like me you bought a digital camera, opened the box, took out the camera and spent a few minutes looking at the manual just so you could figure out where the battery went; before you decided it was nothing more than good material to help you get to sleep.  Yeah, it’s dry technical material but the truth is it’s good stuff that will help you learn to take better photos.  The more familiar you become with all the buttons, dials and settings on your camera the better poised you will be to capture the shot you see in your mind.  Seriously, to get better at anything it requires practice and an understanding of the technical aspects.  It’s the technical aspects that this series will primarily focus on.

While this series will be slanted toward Canon dSLR’s (because that is what I own) the general concepts that will be discussed will translate to any brand/model of camera you might own be it a Nikon, Pentax or a point & shoot camera.  A few of the many topics I have lined up for you include:

  • White Balance Correction
  • Shooting Modes Explained: P/Tv/Av/M/B
  • Auto Exposure Bracketing
  • How To Read A Histogram
  • Aperture Explained

As this series continues to evolve and more content added on a regular basis you will find yourself not only feeling extremely comfortable with your camera but you’ll also see how your photos will have improved. 

I Need Your Input

But I need your help.  I need to know what questions you have about photography and using your camera.  What things do you struggle with?  I remember really struggling to understand and comprehend what aperture is so I plan on spending plenty of time explaining it and showing you how it affects depth of field among other things.  What photography concepts are you interested in reading and learning more about?   

So email me your questions or leave a comment below and I will see about adding it to the weekly series.

I’ll have many more details about this new series coming very soon.  You can also subscribe and always be up to date on the latest.

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