Gummy Bear Vitamins – Project 365: Day 222

by matt on October 2, 2010

Gummy Bear VitaminsHere is another soft-box type shot this time with gummy bear vitamins.  This is a great technique for transparent or preferably translucent subjects.  In this case they were gummy bear vitamins.

I used a collapsible soft box (a Lumiquest Softbox III) on a Canon 580EXII speedlight.  I placed the soft-box so that it was facing upwards and then placed a white piece of paper over the top of it.  I then arranged gummy bear vitamins around until I liked the arrangement.

Then it’s just a matter of shooting until you get something you like.  I played around with adjusting the power of the flash as well as the aperture.  It’s the same technique I used with the Fall Leaves shot.

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