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Help Support Bali Animal Welfare Association

My sister who is President of Decipher Inc. recently had the opportunity to spend a bit of time on the ground in the island paradise of Bali.  I’ve been to Bali as well back in 2005 and fell in love with the culture, people, scenery and incredible beaches.  Some of my sister’s time in Bali was spent volunteering at the Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA) which is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of animals in Bali.  It was founded by long time resident and American Janice Girardi and local veterinarian Dr Dewa Made Dharma.

It’s estimated that there are over half a million stray dogs in Bali.  I remember seeing lots of dogs roaming the streets and beaches when I was in Bali.  In fact I experienced a rather tragic event that really highlights the plight of so many dogs in Bali.  We had stopped at a roadside fruit stand to sample and buy some of the delicious mangos and other exotic fruit and noticed this dog roaming around.  He seemed to have no fear as cars and motorcycles whizzed by at high speeds.  In the back of my mind I worried about the dog and then it happened.  As he trotted across the road he got hit by a car.  The car slowed but then kept going as the dog lay off on the side not moving.

Bali Fruit Stand

This was the dog that didn't make it. Tragically hit by a car on the roads of Bali.

With over 500,000 stray dogs roaming the island this is probably an event that plays itself out numerous times.  Another issue with so many stray dogs is that many of them have rabies and in fact Bali has had a rabies epidemic since 2008 that has killed 78 people.  BAWA plays a role in addressing this issue by relieving suffering and overpopulation through medical care, spay and neuter, adoption and education in animal welfare. They have a staffed clinic, a 24-hour animal ambulance and a variety of community education and animal adoption programs.

Bali Beach Dog

One of many dogs I saw roaming the beachs of Bali.


Through the month of January Decipher is supporting this organization through the Decipher Facebook charity program.  Here’s how you can help.  The best part is it’s really really easy.  Simply follow this link to the Decipher Facebook page and click the Like button.  For every new “like” in January that Decipher gets on their Facebook page they will donate $10 to BAWA.  So if you are on Facebook invest a few seconds to press that Like button and let’s help make a difference for the animals of Bali.

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