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Lane County Fair Photography

We just got back from entering our photos in the Lane County Fair.  Last year was the first year I had ever entered and I ended up with a 1st place ribbon for a shot I took of my youngest son holding a shoe while I shot his picture through the shoebox.  It was a unique and interesting shot and I guess the judges agreed.  I felt quite fortunate as there were some amazing photos entered.

This year my oldest son wanted to enter a few photos that he took at the Tulip Festival up in Woodburn Oregon.  He’s got a great eye for taking photos even if he is rushed to take them all the time.  But hey, he’s only 8 years old and his attention span is very short.  His first selection was a sunset.

Sunset by Zachary Koenig

His second selection was a shot of the tulip fields up at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival earlier this year.  I think he captured some great colors and lines in this image.  He took all of these with a Canon point-and-shoot, sometimes using a tripod.

Tulip Field by Zachary Koenig

This year I decided to enter into the sunset, architecture and portrait categories.  For sunset I chose one that I took at the end of Royal Avenue looking across Fern Ridge Reservoir.

Royal Avenue Sunset

For architecture I selected an image of the new Delta Ponds Footbridge which now allows pedestrians and bikes to cross over the very busy Delta exchange.  At night it really lights up beautifully and the evening I went out to capture it I was fortunate enough to have some great skies.

Delta Ponds Footbridge

And finally for portraits I went with my youngest son again this year with one we titled “Too Loud” which is an image we setup where he was wearing headphones and pretending that the music was way too loud (no ears were damaged in the making of this image).

Too Loud

If you are in Lane County Oregon and planning to attend the fair this year make sure and stop by the photography exhibit and check out all the great work.  I was just really impressed last year with the incredible photos exhibited.  The Lane County Fair is August 17th – 21st.

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