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Leaves in a Pond – Project 365: Day 226

Leaves in a PondOver the weekend we went to my Dad’s house to celebrate my wife’s birthday.  I took a brief detour outside to capture some photos of the flowers that were still blooming in the yard.  In the back is this pond and floating on the surface were these three leaves.

Because of the vegetation floating on the water the leaves seemed to float above the surface.  I thought the color and positioning made a pleasing photo.  Can’t wait until the colors start to pop up in the Cascades.  Every year I swear that I will get out and capture some great Fall images.  This year is no exception.  But unlike years past when things get busy and before I know it the colors have changed, I actually plan on taking time off to go out and photograph the changes.  I hope you will hold me to that promise.

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