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Lemon Drop Martini – Project 365: Day 153

Lemon Drop MartiniTonight I played around a bit with drinking shooting a lemon drop martini.  I’m still trying to figure out the best way to shoot reflective objects like glass and liquids.  I can’t seem to get the lighting just right so that there are no reflections in the glass or liquid.  In this photo I don’t mind that there are specular highlights in the stem of the glass, but I am not happy with the broad reflections in the glass itself.

In this shot I used two speedlights, one directly left of the glass and the other directly right.  The heads were angled up at the liquid in the glass which produced this milky appearance.  I did this by accident the first time and liked the result so I played around a bit with moving the lights and came up with this.

I believe this experimentation is an important aspect of photography.  We all hear about these rules that are supposed to make better photos but photography is an art and rules were meant to be broken.  Through experimentation we can create some really interesting effects.

I’m interested in hearing about your lighting tips and ideas.

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