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Martabak manis Bandung IndonesiaOne of my favorite evening snacks in Indonesia is martabak (manis).  It’s basically a sweet pan-cooked pancake.  It is cooked in a specially shaped pan.  After cooking, the pancake is topped with the customers choice of ingredients which can include sweet corn, banana (pisang), mango (mangga), jack-fruit (nangka) and others and then finished with cheese, chocolate, crushed peanuts, condensed milk and sesame seeds. The pancake is then folded in half and cut.  A large amount of margarine is added throughout which is probably why these things are so tasty and addictive.  In the photo you can see the martabak in the front pan being prepared with banana.

I remember my first experience at this particular vendor.  It was late evening and we cruised down and got in line.  It’s fun to order and then watch it being made.  We ordered ours with sweet corn.  Across the street was a street (farmers) market where farmers were selling fresh produce.  It was a real lively and cool atmosphere.

If you are ever in Indonesia don’t miss out on the martabak.  Think of it as a pancake on steroids.  You won’t be disappointed.

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