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Monday Photo Inspiration – Father’s Day

Every Monday I post a photo that is meant to inspire you, motivate you, cause you to pause and ponder, remind you of your dreams and hopefully entice you to act on whatever your goals may be. This Monday, June 18th I present my boys.  While maybe not so inspirational for you, they mean the world to me.  And since we just celebrated Father’s Day yesterday I felt compelled to post a few images of them.

Monday Photo Inspiration - Father's Day

I had a great Father’s Day.  We went out for lunch, came home and threw water balloons at each other, played Monopoly City and then Operation (Sponge Bob version), caught bees in jars and froze them so we could look at them under a magnifying glass and watched a goofy movie on Netflix.

Monday Photo Inspiration - Father's Day

My boys mean the world to me.  There are many things that I hope to teach them and instill upon them, things that my own Dad taught me growing up.

I could list them here but Joshua Becker over at Becoming Minimalist did a much better job in his post entitled “35 Things I Hope My Kids Will Say About Their Dad.”  It’s a fantastic read so I hope you check it out.

When it comes to being a father leading by example is far more powerful than anything you can tell your kids.  My kids love to emulate me and at times it can be very revealing in terms of things I don’t even realize I do.

“He didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.”  ~ Clarence Budington Kelland

I hope all the father’s out there had a fantastic day!  Keep inspiring your kids. Happy Monday!

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