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Monday Photo Inspiration – Summer Storm

Every Monday I post a photo that is meant to inspire you, motivate you, cause you to pause and ponder, remind you of your dreams and hopefully entice you to act on whatever your goals may be. This Monday, July 23rd I bring you a lucky lightning bolt in the sky from a recent summer thunderstorm that rolled through our area.

Summer Thunderstorm

A few nights ago we had a thunderstorm roll through with lots of flashes of lightning and rolling booms of thunder and heavy downpours.  I love thunderstorms.  I love the power of the emanated from the bright flashes across the sky.  I love the rolling thunder that sounds like the sky is tearing in two above me.  I love the cool rain the pours down in buckets from above.  And I love that fresh rain smell.

As the storm moved through the skies above us I overcame my awe and grabbed my camera and tripod.  I set the camera at f/16, ISO 100 and a shutter speed of 30 seconds.  With my camera on a tripod I tripped the shutter and waited.  My very first shot was this horizontal bolt across the sky.

I was hunkered down under the overhang of the roof and the rain was really coming down now.  Water was starting to soak my camera as the lens was aimed up at the sky.  I shot several more 30 second exposures but only the first image captured any lightning.

Next time a thunderstorm rolls through you can bet I will be out trying to capture the lightning and enjoying that cool fresh rain smell.

“A thunderstorm is God’s way of saying you spend too much time in front of the computer”

Wherever you may be and whatever you may be doing… Happy Monday!

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