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More Patterns – Project 365: Day 213

Cold Cathode GlowI decided to stick with this patterns theme for a bit more.  Tonight as I was working on my computer I looked down and saw the blue cold cathode cooling fan staring at me.  Now I’m not sure why anyone really needs a glowing cooling fan but I will admit it’s pretty cool, especially when you turn all the light out.  I don’t know…maybe it’s just the nerd in me.

But as I looked at that light and the metal screen that covers it I noticed the pattern.  The light coming through the screen made an interesting image.  If you look close you will see that there are actually two screens with the one below creating it’s own interesting pattern.  It’s almost like a glowing honeycomb.

Tomorrow I am going to try and hunt down some patterns that are not so obvious.  I’m open to suggestions.

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