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Mushroom – Project 365: Day 172

MushroomTonight we had home made pizza again.  This time we went a little gourmet and create a pizza with fresh mozzarella cheese, smoked Gouda cheese, fresh tomatoes and basil and mushrooms.  I’d love to be able to show you a photo of the pizza but that smoked Gouda cheese was too good to keep around for very long so the pizza disappeared before our eyes.

That left me with some mushrooms to shoot.  I started out shooting a few mushrooms in a bowl but they lacked character.  I put a few on a white paper towel and tried different arrangements but nothing really spoke to me.  Yes, I do wait for the images to speak to me.  Not in an audible sense but when I hit on an image that is special I just know it.

So finally I got the wooden cutting board out.  I mean where else are you going to cut mushrooms.  I popped the stem off of one to expose the gills and set it down on the cutting board.  I like how the tones are similar between the cutting board and the mushroom and the grain and cut marks of on the board really add some character.

This was the final shot that “spoke” to me.  Does art “speak” to you and if so what does it say?

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