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Palm Tree – Project 365: Day 138

Palm TreeI’ve been away for several days now and haven’t been able to post so I am doing a little catch-up with Project 365.  Last week I took the family and hit the road heading south into California to attend a memorial service for my Grandma who recently passed away.

Heading south on I5 we decided to make it a 2 day road trip down.  I enjoy road trips although I am beginning to change my mind after 11 hours of kids yelling and screaming from the back seat.  To make matters even worse I had injured my back a few days prior to our departure so sitting for long stretches was painful to say the least.

So to ease the pain we stopped frequently at rest areas and other areas of interest to get out and stretch our legs and to keep our sanity and avoid a meltdown.  At one rest area I spotted this towering palm tree.  I think this is probably a Mexican Fan Palm (Washingtonia robusta) but I am not confident in that claim.  If there are any palm tree experts reading this please chime in and make a proper identification.

Now there is something about palm trees that just comforts me.  Maybe it’s the common relationship we’ve built between palm trees and the tropics.  I only know that when I see a palm tree I feel relaxed and upbeat.  Maybe I should live amongst the palm trees?

Traveling with kids?  Check out my previous post on tips for traveling with young kids.

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