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Patterns of Nature – Project 365: Day 211/212

Water DropsOften when I am shooting I look for interesting patterns.  Our eye tends to be drawn toward patterns and we find comfort in them.  Maybe it’s the order of things.  Over the weekend I shot two subjects that had very different patterns.  The first were water drops on the hood of my car.

It rained almost all weekend and as I was parking the car in the garage I noticed all the water beading up on the paint (it’s that space age polymer coating I applied earlier).  The drops created this unique and haphazard pattern.  I retrieved the camera from my pocket (never go anywhere without one) and snapped off a few shots.

Then tonight I cooked some fresh silver salmon for the family.  As I was getting ready to cut up some portions I saw the shiny pattern of the scales.  I knew I had to capture them.

Silver Salmon Scales

I love the symmetry of the scales in this shot.  Look at the pattern to them.  There seems to be one both horizontally, vertically and diagonally.  When we really start to look at patterns in nature we find them everywhere.  Spider webs have a pattern, rain drops, fish scales, leaves, bark; it’s the pattern of life.  It’s amazing when we really slow down and look we find patterns everywhere.

What patterns have you seen today?

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