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Peeking Apple – Project 365: Day 127

Peeking AppleHere is a tip for acquiring different bowls and setups for food photography: hit your local thrift shop.  You might be surprised what kinds of goodies you will find down there and all at a great price.

Yesterday I went down to the Goodwill store and found this interesting blue bowl.  Tonight I decided it was worthy of a few photographs.  I took a few shots of just the bowl but after looking at them I realized it needed something more.  So I added some contrast in color with the red apple.

For me I like how the apple is mostly obscured by the bowl and seemingly peeking out (hence the title).  What about you?  How would you critique this image?

Canon 5DII | Tamron 28-75 f/2.8 | f/11 @ 75mm | 1/125th sec. | ISO 100

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