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Peppers – Project 365: Day 162

PeppersIt’s Saturday and that means a morning trip down to the Saturday Market in downtown Eugene.  It’s also the location for the Farmer’s Market, a great place to get your fill of organic produce, fresh baked bread, organic raised meat, flowers, excellent food and good music.  It’s basically how life should be every day.

The morning started out a bit cloudy and cool for a mid-summer day but the sun finally broke through.  This was good because it made for a nice diffused light to take photos at the market.  I chose to leave the Canon dSLR at home today and instead walked around with my Canon S90 point-and-shoot.

The things I really like about using the P&S is that for one it’s really small and compact.  The Canon S90 fits into my shirt pocket.  This makes it really nice in crowded situations like the Farmer’s Market when you want to get a quick shot of the vegetables while everyone is milling around you.

The second reason the Canon S90 is nice is that it has a macro setting and I can literally get the camera so close that it almost touches the subject and still maintain proper focus.  It’s amazing!

But it also doesn’t have the depth of field capability that my dSLR has.  It’s more difficult to create a nice blurred background.  It also doesn’t do very well at high ISO.  You can read my review about the Canon S90 here.  But despite some minor limitations I enjoy taking photos with it.

After visiting the Farmer’s Market and getting lots of good produce like carrots, lettuce and potatoes we headed over to VooDoo Donuts to get a bacon maple bar.  Yes, sometimes I cave in to the dark side.

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