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Photography Books – Project 365: Day 230

Photography BooksI do a lot of reading; everything from travel books, self-help, lifestyle design to photography books.  Here is a sampling of the photography books that are in my library.

Vision and Voice is a great book by David DuChemin (who also write Vision Mongers) and unlike many Lightroom books that are heavy on what the various tools and settings do, this book concentrates on your vision, what you want the photo to look like at the end.  He does this by going through several of his images step by step in Lightroom and explaining why he chose certain settings and how that refines his vision for what the end result should be.  It’s a great book for changing your perspective as a photographer from “how to use Photoshop/Lightroom from a purely technical stance” to viewing your photos with a vision of how you want them to look, how you remember it when you clicked the shutter.  David also has lots of excellent $5 e-books that I highly recommend.  At $5 each they are a steal!

Light Science & Magic is what many would consider the premiere book on off camera lighting.  It’s a very technical book that explains in painstaking detail how to light objects of various shapes, sizes, colors, materials.  Read this book and go through David Hobby’s Strobist 101 and you’ll be a pro at lighting.

There are many books out there on Photoshop but for me I like the books by Martin Evening.  Something about the way he presents the information and the way he rights that just agrees with me.  I’ve been using Photoshop CS5 for awhile now but this CS4 book still applies for 99% of the application.

I’m still working Lightroom into my digital development process.  I’ve been playing around with LR3 now and really like it.  I can see why photographers enjoy using it as it’s very powerful.  But I’ve been using Photoshop for so long now that it’s hard to break habits.  I bought this Lightroom 2 book by Nathaniel Coalson and really like it.  I think though that I will purchase a LR3 book.  Let me know if you have any good recommendations.  Again, for the vast majority of applications this book probably is sufficient.  Another great Lightroom resource is Lightroom Killer Tips.

Vision Mongers is another book by David DuChemin (have I mentioned how much I like David?) and is focused on photography as a business.  He breaks it all down into what is involved (hard hard work), how to create a brand and image, marketing and finally business and finance.  If you are looking to start a business in photography do yourself a favor and buy this book.  It’s pure gold.

Finally no library would be complete without Bryan Peterson’s Understanding Exposure book.  If you read this book and at the end still struggle with proper exposure, well…you better read it again and this time pay attention.  Seriously though, if you struggle with the principles of good exposure this is probably the best book I have read on the subject.

So there you have it!  A few personal favorites in my photography library.  Own any of these titles?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on them.

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