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Pickle Jar – Project 365: Day 200

Pickle JarIt seems that everything at Costco come in one size: extra-extra large.  Pickles are no exception.  I have no idea how many pickle slices are actually in this heavy jar but it would be an excellent source for one of those “how many things are in this jar” contests.

It was pouring down rain while we were loading our groceries into the car.  I couldn’t help but sadly think that Summer may indeed be over.  Where did the time go?  The days passed by so quickly.  But at least I have my big jar of pickles to remind me of Summer BBQ’s.

A friend told me today that over the weekend they bought 80 pounds of cucumbers to can.  Now that’s a lot of pickles!

This was a simple shot taken with a Canon S90 P&S.  I used a single light camera left and a background of white card stock.  Using the macro setting on the camera I brought it in close to the mouth of the jar.  I love how every day kitchen items can make such an interesting photo.  OK, that may be stretching it a bit.

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