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Pinot Noir – Project 365: Day 261

Wine GlassThe ol’ idea tank is running on empty.  Time to get creative.  A glass of wine always seems to help.  In this case my brilliant idea was to take my Canon S90 point and shoot and stick it on top of my wine glass so the lens was pointing straight down toward the wine.  I was hoping that it wouldn’t fall in as that would be a really expensive glass of wine.

I set the camera on timer and used a Canon 580EXII flash to light the glass.  I triggered the flash manually as soon as I heard the shutter click.  Because there was already low light the shutter stayed open for a longer period of time allowing me plenty of time to trigger the flash.  Wait for the shutter sound and hit the flash button.  The result is a cool almost abstract shot looking into the wine glass.

By the way, this was a great pinot noir from King Estates Winery (2008).

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