Play in the Rain Day

by matt on November 12, 2011

Play in the Rain Day

On Friday I was checking Twitter and was really surprised to discover that I had won a $500 gift card to B&H Photo.  Seriously!?!  I had forgotten that I had purchased an e-book that automatically entered me in a drawing to win this great prize.  What photographer wouldn’t love to spend $500 at B&H Photo?  Now comes the dilemma of what to purchase that would be the best “bang for the buck” in my camera bag.

So I need to give a big THANK YOU Dan Bailey of Dan Bailey Photography, a fellow photographer who ran the contest and selected me the winner.  Dan is a full time adventure and travel photographer based in Anchorage Alaska.  I don’t exactly recall how I got turned onto Dan but I think he sent me a tweet about a review I wrote for one of the Craft & Vision series books on off-camera lighting.  Turns out Dan wrote a great e-book on off-camera lighting called “Going Fast with Light” which I purchased and which entered me into the drawing for the $500 gift card.  It’s a great book and super informative on outdoor lighting with flash and how to accomplish that while traveling light.  I highly recommend it and will be writing a review of it very soon.  So thanks again Dan!!

Play in the Rain Day

Today was the annual Play in the Rain Day out at Mount Pisgah put on by the Youth in Nature Partnership.  It’s an event for kids that includes fun activities like bow and arrow shooting, bike riding, tree climbing and a tractor ride.  There are also lots of local organizations that setup activities to teach kids about the great outdoors and nature.  It’s a great event.

Play in the Rain Day

My kids got to use a fire hose to spray down a tree courtesy of the BLM.  Then they checked out some pack horses and roasted a hotdog and marshmallows over an open fire.  They weren’t quite up to donning a harness and climbing a tree so we got in line to shoot a bow and arrow.  In the main pavilion they learned about different animal tracks, the importance of wetlands and a host of other cool things.  The only thing missing from Play in the Rain Day was (thankfully) rain.

If you want to see a few more images I took from this event and some bright Fall colors you can check out the album on my Flickr stream.

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