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Project 365: Day 13 – Tums

Sometimes things that look good on the plate and taste fantastic going down result in a cataclysmic nuclear meltdown in your stomach.  That is when something like Tums can turn down the radiation levels and allow you to get some sleep without feeling like molten lava will erupt out of your mouth.

For me I would rather suffer the burn than stop taking risks in life.  I’ve eaten some incredible things at places many people would shy away from.  I’ve had the most incredible pork at a roadside stand in Bali, eaten rabbit on the way to Lembang, sampled exotic fruit from roving fruit vendors cut with a dirty rusty knife.  Of course I’ve had a fair share of issues in eating this way.  I’ve had food poisoning that resulted in a near death experience.  I’ve fought parasites and other bugs.  But I don’t wish the experiences away or stop taking risks in my life.

Sure I could lock myself away in my house and huddle in a ball on the floor fearful of any and every thing out there that could kill me.  I could play it safe and do all the things people expect me to do.  But what kind of life would that be?  A life without taking risk is…well…boring.  Of course I am not talking about running around without using your brains.  Calculated risks are the kind that create a life of enjoyment while running around willy-nilly will just get you into trouble.  Think before you leap but don’t spend too much time thinking.  Life is short so strike while the iron is hot.

And of course when life serves you a plate of suffering you’ve got great memories to pull you through a well as Tums to calm your stomach.

Keep moving forward to great things!

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