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Project 365: Day 14 – BINGO!!

Tonight was a BINGO event at my sons school.  They had pizza and games of BINGO where you could win prizes.  The place was packed to full capacity and at times it was so loud that it was really hard to hear the numbers.  At one point we were running 3 cards at a time and struggling to hear each number as it was called out.

It’s really nice to see such a great turnout to a school event.  I think it is important that not only do the students have a connection with the school but that the parents do as well.  We can’t simply send our kids off to school and expect them to get a great education.  We as parents need to get involved in the school and make sure that all kids are getting what they need so that one day they have the skills to do what they dream of doing in life.

To some extent what you do in life is a bit like BINGO.  BINGO is a game of luck but we can do things to increase that luck.  For example, in business we can increase our chance for opportunities by interacting with as many people as we can. In BINGO we do this by increasing the number of BINGO boards we play with.

We can also expect good luck.  What I mean by this is that we can maintain a positive attitude that we will be successful.  We can create our own realities.  Do we want one filled with positive energy or one with negative?  When playing BINGO always think that you have a chance of winning, otherwise what is the point of playing in the first place.

When bad luck does happen, and it will, we can turn it into good luck.  We can learn from our mistakes and improve on them.  We can help others as well by freely giving information that will help them avoid the same pitfalls.  Help your fellow BINGO player when you see them miss a number that was called.  Being kind pays dividends.

With a combination of luck and hard work we can accomplish anything we set our minds to.  I firmly believe that.

Keep moving forward to great things!

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