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Project 365: Day 19 – Laundry Day

It seems like every day is laundry day around here.  It’s just a big continuous cycle of make dirty then make clean.  It’s the boys that dirty up their clothes the most.  For some reason they feel that even if they get just a spot of dirt on their clothes they need to change right away.  Of course getting the dirty clothes into the laundry basket is way too hard.  It’s much easier to just throw it on the floor.

For this shot I wanted to shoot the perspective from inside the dryer.  I used my wide angle Canon 17-40 f/4L on a Canon 5DII.  I used a wireless remote trigger as well as Cactus V4’s to trigger the two flashes.  The camera is sitting on the shoe rack that I placed in the dryer.  I had a bare Canon 430EXII on 1/2 power below the rack inside the dryer.  It was pointing camera right.  Then outside the dryer I used a Canon 580EXII with a Lumiquest Softbox III pointing straight up at my face.

If I shot this again I would use my 43″ 5-1 reflector above my head to fill in some of the shadows on my face.

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