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Project 365: Day 23: Holes

So for Day 23 I’d like to see how many people can guess what this image is.  I’m not going to give any hints as I think this should be a pretty easy one.  Leave your answer in the comments section below.

In this image there are lots of holes.  I have lots of holes in my life.  The kind of holes I am referring to are the kind that drain the life out of you.  They could be emotional holes (stress & anxiety & fear), physical holes (health issues), money holes (materialism & consumerism & debt), time holes (do you have enough time to do the things you really want to do?).

I suppose that in some way discovering yourself, finding the real you, is about plugging up the holes in your life.  When we are able to do that then we can experience true happiness as our life force builds up and no longer drains away from us.

How we plug these holes is a question we should always be asking ourselves and the answer will be different from person to person.  It’s a lifelong journey to discover and know oneself but it is a wonderful journey when we allow ourselves to enjoy it.

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