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Project 365: Day 244-246

Red Tortilla Chips

Day 244: Red Tortilla Chips

Here we go with days 244 thru 246 of Project 365.  Day 244 was a bowl of red tortilla chips.  I was worried that they might have been artificially colored but they are in fact naturally colored red with some kind of spice.  I’m not sure they really taste any different than standard tortilla chips but they are more fun and interesting to eat.

The Narrow and Wide Gates

Day 245: The Narrow & Wide Gates

Next up was an image of the Holy Bible.  I had a few ideas for this image and none really came out as I had envisioned.  This was the closest to what I was thinking but even this is not quite there.  I’ll have to shoot it over and try again.


Day 246: Saltines (Low Sodium Version)

Finally I shot a stack of saltines.  These are actually low sodium saltines to I guess it would be more appropriate to call them low-saltines.  It was hard to stack these without them contantly falling over.  You’d think flat crackers would stack nicely but they turned out to be quite difficult.

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