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Project 365: Day 27 – Zachary

My kids are always good for a photo or two.  They won’t sit still very long so I typically have 5 minutes or less to get take a photo.  This doesn’t leave much time to experiment with different lighting and poses.  My son was gracious enough to spend 5 minutes with me tonight so I could take a few portraits.  This is one that I thought came out well.

I try not to give them too much direction but let them just do what they want.  I find that if I try and pose them or get them to do stuff they will overdo it and it won’t look natural.  So I just talk with them and start clicking away.  If it wasn’t for the flash firing away they wouldn’t even know I was taking photos the whole time.  I use this same approach to get them to eat vegetables.  Just start talking while I slip some carrots on their plate.

I shot this with a Canon 5DII at f/7.0 and 1/125th second.  I used a Canon 580EXII flash with a Lumiquest Softbox III and triggered it with Cactus v4’s.  I positioned the flash and softbox camera right about 2 feet away and set it on 1/32nd power.  I did very little work in Photoshop with this one.

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