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Project 365: Day 28 – Mentos

Day 28: MentosToday is another product shot, this time Mentos gum.  I wouldn’t normally buy Mentos gum, especially tropical flavor but they were giving it away at the store so figured since it was free why not get it and use it for a daily photo.

I shot this also with a white background but I like the dramatic effect of the bright orange with the black background.

For this shot the background is a 43″ 5-1 circular reflector and the foreground is the back of one of my speakers.  I used a Canon 580EXII with a white paper snoot on 1/32 power and directed the light mostly straight down with a slight tilt toward the Mentos.  This allowed the front to be lit up nicely.  This was shot with a Canon 5DII at 1/125th second @f/8.

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