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Project 365: Day 29 – 1957 Chevy Bel Air

Today I took my son to see the 2010 Eugene Roadster Show at the Lane County Fairgrounds.  I figured he would love to see the cool cars and maybe learn to appreciate them as I do.  We met up with a good friend there and went about checking out the cars and taking lots of photos.

I’ve always enjoyed the classic cars of the ’50’s and ’60’s.  They just don’t make cars of that kind of style and quality anymore.  I mean imagine a Honda or Toyota built today lasting 50-60 years and still causing people to put together shows to display them and talk about them.  These are the iconic cars that I remember growing up.

I specifically remember always wanting to have a 1957 Chevy Bel Air.  This was my dream car growing up.  I just loved the look of it with its menacing front grill and its long stylish rear fins.  Just a beautiful car to look at.  At the show today there was one that was beautifully restored by Metalworks Classic Restorations here in Eugene.  They did an absolutely fantastic job of bringing out the best in this automobile.  The interior was just incredible all detailed out in tan leather.  This bad boy was even the color I always imagined my car would be.  Every detail was just perfect.

Shooting at a crowded car show poses its own set of challenges.  For one the lighting is bad (unless the show is outdoors but then you have potentially harsh light to deal with) and secondly it is hard to get a shot without the reflection of viewers glaringly obvious.  So I chose to narrow my focus in on the details of the cars.  I tried to find little things of interest that really spoke of what the car was all about.  For this shot I loved the Bel Air emblem on the back tail fins.  I used a very narrow depth of field and focused in on the ‘A’.  I like how it turned out.

For other images from this day you can check out my Flickr site here.

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