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Project 365: Day 32 – Sand and Stone

This week has just been a very enjoyable week with lots of activities with the family and great sights to see.  We decided that this Spring Break we would take a drive down the Oregon coast and end up in San Francisco.  From Eugene we drove I5 to Highway 38 and cut over to Reedsport.  From there we continued down Hwy 101 all the way to San Francisco.

We passed by the incredibly gorgeous Southern Oregon coast with it’s beautiful surf and rock outcroppings.  We hiked amongst the silent giants in the redwoods both in Prarie Creek Redwood State Park and along the Avenue of the Giants It was awe inspiring.  I mean photos cannot really capture the true size and beauty of these trees and forests.  You have to experience it for yourself.

From the redwoods we continued south toward San Francisco driving through the beautiful scenery if wine country north of Santa Rosa.

Finally we ended up in San Francisco where we spent several days walking the city from China Town to North Ridge, down the Fisherman’s Warf and back downtown riding a cable car.  San Francisco really does have something for everyone and we grew to love the city while we were there, especially the wide variety of food.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks I will be posting photos from the trip and writing some thoughts in the experiences.  I hope you will tune in and follow along.

Of course while I was gone I continued my Project 365.  I discovered that the old laptop that I have is not useful when dealing with large Canon 5DII images and therefore I am several days behind in posting images however, I did continue taking images daily and will post several updates tomorrow to get back on schedule.

Today’s photo is along the southern Oregon coast.  I am not sure exactly where as we just pulled over at a wayside beach to stretch our legs for a bit.  The weather was perfect and as the waves came crashing ashore the sand and the wet glistening rocks on the beach caught my eye.   There is something about sand and wet stones that is just pleasing to the eye.

Note: When photographing on a beach with waves crashing ashore always keep one eye on the surf.  I didn’t while taking this and several other shots and almost got more than just my feet wet.

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